Joint CSIR-UGC test for JRF and eligibility for lectureship is prestigious national test. One who wish to pursue their carrier in research or academics in India should qualify this examination.

In particular about the test for life sciences which includes subject of sub branches of biology.

In first place all the aspirants should not have the doubt or any complex about their ability to crack the examination. All those student who have the completed their masters have equal and fair chance of qualifying the examination.

In order to start preparing for the test one should keep clear in their mind that you have to complete this task in a definite time frame. To prepare for the test is not a beginning but to refine what you have learned or understand during your academic studies. The things which you have studied in class or in the laboratory will be the base for the battle of this test.

Most of the aspirants when see the syllabus for the test which is officially displayed on the CSIR-UGC portal they lose their confidence for the test as they think that they will not able to do it , as they found 60%of the syllabus alien to them which is actually not.

If one see the structure of the syllabus it so beautifully designed that the aspirant can easily go ahead step by step. From the basics to the application based. As theme of the biology of the from Fundamentals, Information, Interaction,Physiology, Evolution, Ecology and Applications. If a aspirant will go by this approach then we will surprise if unable to qualify the exam.

The motto of this initiative our is to assist the aspirant for their success.