Your Viral Infection History from a Single Drop of Blood : HHMI researchers

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Systematic viral epitope scanning (VirScan). This method allows comprehensive analysis of antiviral antibodies in human sera. VirScan combines DNA microarray synthesis and bacteriophage display to create a uniform, synthetic representation of peptide epitopes comprising the human virome. Immunoprecipitation and high-throughput DNA sequencing reveal the peptides recognized by antibodies in the sample. The color of each cell in the heatmap depicts the relative number of antigenic epitopes detected for a virus (rows) in each sample (columns). Credit: Figure from the print summary of Xu et al., “Comprehensive serological profiling of human populations using a synthetic human virome” SCIENCE, 348:1105 (5 June 2015).

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Love for Science : Richard J. Roberts, Nobel Laureate

Science is my hobby as well as my professionRichard J. Roberts

Richard J. Roberts, Nobel Laureate talks about his passion for science and how curiosity to know things around, help him to pursue it passionately till date.Lastly he talks about the importance of Bioinformatics in coming future to understand basic biology.

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