As we have mentioned above we are just assisting you for the preparations, as per our experience, we want you to cover the important topic for the examination here we just providing the outline of the same. We are starting as per the syllabus for the examination.

Unit One: Molecules and there interaction relevant to Biology

This unit deals with chemistry of life, right from study of structure, property, interaction of atom to macro molecule in short we can called it Biochemistry. We will suggest important topics to be covered for this unit in next few days. We are starting with Basic Chemistry.
Basic Chemistry of Biology.

Basic knowledge of chemistry is not only important for the examination but also for understanding the structural diversity range of molecules in biology. The things which must be covered are as follows:
• Concept of periodic table.
• Concept of atom and Isotopes.
• Biologically important elements.
• Concept of molecule.
• Concept and properties of chemical bonds: Covalent bond, Ionic bond and coordinate bond.
• Concept and properties of non covalent interactions: Hydrogen Bond, Electrostatic, Hydrophobic and Van der Waals.
• Water: Structure and its properties relevant to biology.
• Concept of Acid and Base.
• Concept of pH and Buffer.





A) Understanding Chemistry  – Prof. C N R Rao

B)  Principles of Biochemistry – Albert Lehninger

C) Biochemical Calculations  –  Irwin H. Segel

D) Fundamentals of Biochemical Calculations Krish Moorthy