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I did my masters in microbiology from Pune but still a learning mysteries of microbes. I am currently working as a project Assistant. I am great follower of science (I think so), from history of discoveries to today’s updated science revolution I am trying to understand “Cell”, its physiology and everything. I loved to go for a ride in cellular water park where I want to see the fine tuned regulation of the various processes.
My three biggest inspirations are
1) My Teachers
2) Laureates who decoded the genetic code
3) Title of the book “We Can Sleep Later: Alfred D. Hershey and the Origins of Molecular Biology” (Yet to read it).
I enjoy phys + chem + math of Biology and learning with discussions.

I did my masters in microbiology from Pune. Currently working on a BIRAC Big project. During my post graduation and later on I got to read about evolution and ecology (E & E) in depth and with different angles. From there I very much thinking of it in every aspect and E & E become very close to my heart. I believe in Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution- Theodosius Dobzhansky.

I did my masters in biotechnology and I am currently a research scholar. As a human being we are always curious about life and we have many philosophic and religious answers too, but the study of science gave me the most satisfactory answers with evidence. It is great to discuss and share the knowledge and new ideas which keeps us curious as “A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education” so be curious, keep learning and stay happy.

I have completed Masters in Microbiology. I have three years of experience in teaching and research. Currently I am working as Research fellow. Science is my passion; I enjoy exploring the untapped mysteries of science. Science is like Labyrinth in that we march towards unexpected surprises till we reach final destination.

After having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Master’s degree in Virology, I am currently working as a PhD scholar trying to understand mechanisms of host cell damage by viruses, using Flaviviruses as a model system. Any infectious disease, is a result of a tussle between a pathogen aiming for its proliferation; and a host organism, which is trying to protect itself from the damage caused by the pathogen. It is the delicate balance between the two which can lead to a plethora of outcomes: development of a full-blown disease in host (sometimes fatal), elimination of the pathogen by the host or a latent association between host and pathogen which doesn’t kill the host yet allows the pathogen to proliferate at low levels. I am fascinated with the factors which ultimately decide these outcomes.
When I am not experimenting in the lab, I can be found experimenting in the kitchen or travelling to different places, mostly in the search of good food.

Presently, I am a PhD student and enjoying the scientific trekking.
In a nutshell, I am trying to understand the mechanisms, believe me it’s complicated one, a virus would pose to its host. Viruses are often not very friendly to their hosts and do all sorts of damaging plays. Once infected with a virus, cellular surveillance system recognizes and tries to destroy those nasty alien particles, but my friends it is a virus far more selfish and intelligent than what we think..!! It seizes and utilizes all the cellular machineries for its own. Eventually but strangely, Cells, a well evolved and sophisticated creature surrenders to those tiny nucleoproteins called virus.
Of course it’s a tiring job, so you need to refresh yourself, for me photography does that part and enjoy photography as much I enjoy my work.

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