• Ultra-small bacteria

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  1. saira khan

    I am a BSc biotechnology student.Please inform me about jods and I want some guideline for what to do afte bsc

  2. Sainath Bajirao Bhogade

    Sir my qualification dmlt. , bsc mlt ,and msc mlt appear i want job vacancies gaidens me

    1. Admin

      Hello Sainath,
      There are vacancies for your qualifications. Please subscribe or follow us on Facebook for recent openings. Thank you for asking query & All the best for future.

    1. Admin

      Sure, as soon as vacancies are out we post it. Please subscribe to our website if you haven’t. All the best.

  3. Komal uday Kulkarni

    I am completed msc botany ( life science) please inform me PhD admission notification. Also compitative exams concern to life science.
    Also inform me the job vacancies

    1. Admin

      Thanks for writing to us Komal, We will help you.
      Please Subscriber to Jaivikshastram and Keep following our website for PhD, competitive exam Notification as well as Job Vacancies.
      All the Best.

  4. Aditi

    I have done Msc in botany and qualified JRF . Looking for project related to this and PHD admission notifications. Please provide these.

    1. Admin

      Hi Aditi, thanks for messaging. See as you qualified JRF you can apply to any PhD program in which you are interested. Find the topic/Lab which is compatible with your research interests & join it according to appropriate procedures. Recently AcSIR PhD notification is out check this link.

      One more thing maybe useful to you.
      Interactive Database of Life Science Researchers in India

      All the very best.

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