M.Sc. in Human Disease Genetics, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore

         A 2-year Master’s degree programme (Degree to be awarded by the University of Mysore) in Human Disease Genetics is due to begin at the Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore. This will be a unique interdisciplinary program at the interface of modern biology and medicine. It will cover fundamental biology, human genetics and genomics, clinical genetics, genetic counselling, population biology and statistics. The course will consist of lectures, laboratory work, seminars and discussions. There will be a strong component of research, case studies and activity-based learning. The programme can be viewed as a first step towards a professional career in human genetics, disease diagnostics and allied biomedical fields, or advanced studies leading to a Ph.D. or MD (for those with a medical degree).

A Bachelor’s degree in any area of biology or medicine. Motivated candidates with an undergraduate degree from other streams can also apply.

Deadline for receiving application:
Monday, 18 May 2015; details in www.chg.res.in

Program start:
Monday, 3 August 2015

Queries and correspondence:
mscapp@chg.res.in; Mobile: 9482864314

Source :

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